We Value Our Partnerships

As a landlord or rooftop owner, you’re extremely important to us, and we value our relationship with you.

Get the Answers You Need

We value our relationship with you and strive to address your inquiry as promptly as possible.

ATC Niger values our relationships with landlords that host our communication sites. These relationships provide financial opportunities for landlords and allow ATC Niger to offer a robust portfolio of solutions to our customers.

We ensure that we maintain and continue mutually beneficial agreements with our landlords.

We go out of our way to make sure that the issues and concerns of our landlords are addressed promptly.

  • If there are issues at your ATC Niger site, if you need to update ownership or contact information, or if you have questions regarding payments or taxes, please contact us.
  • Interested in selling your land to ATC Niger?
  • Interested in extending your lease with ATC Niger?
  • Have you been approached by a third party about selling your land or lease?

If you are considering extending your agreement with ATC Niger, please contact us immediately. We are a financially-strong company that is interested in maintaining our long-term partnership with you

If you are considering selling your land, ATC Niger would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you. We are interested in acquiring your land and can offer competitive compensation and attractive prices

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If you’re experiencing a site emergency, call our 24/7 Network Operations Center toll free at
(+227) 20350084 or Logeur.Niger@atcniger.ne